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Hotel & resorts


Our role

Located in the former Royal Khmer compound, in tranquil Siem Reap, the Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor is a stunning heritage property originally opened in 1932.

As part of a complete refurbishment of the property, SIRALO converted the garden Cabana rooms into Cabana Suites. Later SIRHALO was commissioned to refurbish the whole hotel.

Inspired by the French Colonial/Art Deco exteriors, references, details and furniture suggestive of the time were used.

The goal was to create a more comfortable and cozier interior space, better suited to a modern 5-star hotel, while also retaining its unique sense of place and colonial vibe. Dark local woods, seductive Jim Thompson fabrics and local Cambodian silks were used to cast both sensual luxury and a genuine colonial atmosphere.

SIRHALO converts your vision into reality.